Our Work

Your Organisation



As a board member, you already know that your organisation is the key to your success. You have brought together a great set of people, with wide skills, knowing that getting them working together, with a common purpose, is the only way to be effective and efficient in delivering what your customers want.

You also know when some streams of work are delivering more effectively than others and some areas of the business operate in different ways with a variety of levels of success.

We want your success as much as you do! So working alongside the Board and with senior Directors, we deploy effective methods to assess business areas in terms of what, and how they deliver. We know it is about more than just a report to the board. (We’ll hate writing it, and you wont read it anyway!) What it is all about is quantifiable difference in your business delivered by engaged staff and teams who own the changes and improvements themselves.

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Your Teams


As an executive and senior  team leader you know that when your team works well the feeling is unbeatable Рthe results are far more than the sum of the parts Рa great team is unstoppable Рyou know what you are working towards, and you know how each of you is approaching it.

And you can see when things aren’t all you want – sometimes you are looking to get that extra 10% that gets your team from good to great – and sometimes it is more than that.

We love working with teams because we see the dramatic changes that can happen when great teams step up to the mark. We have worked with senior teams on both outwardly focused work – in the conception of new or changed products and services for example; and with an internal focus on working styles and interpersonal effectiveness.

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Your People



As a established professional you recognise the duty and privelidge you have in developing the next generation of leaders, inspiring them to value their development as much as you have yours.

Whether it is development for the next generation of board members, on-boarding your new talent, doing right by those who are leaving, or equipping under-represented groups to be all they can be – time spent wisely on your people is an investment.

Whether it is groupwork, or individual coaching we are constantly amazed by how much further indivuals can step up and increase their value to their organisations when we work with them – clarifying their goals, asking the searching questions, and supporting their efforts to be and do better.


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