Individual Development



We work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and with a wide range of aspirations, to support them in achieving their goals. We focus on delivering personalised and engaging interventions that add value for them and their business.  With a balance of challenge and support from us, people raise their awareness of what is really important to them and they can then creatively develop their own solutions to fit their situation.



  • Leadership coaching, where leaders are looking to realise their full potential and be personally and professionally excellent
  • Coaching for personal development, for example to be more confident, assertive, and to improve work based skills such as: negotiating and influencing, presentation skills, strategic decision making, managing creativity and innovation.
  • Career transition, progression and promotion coaching, where staff are seeking new work challenges and lateral moves, as well as promotion to more challenging and responsible roles, within the same organisation or in different organisations and sectors.
  • Coaching for people from under-represented groups.  Many organisations realise that to get the best from all their staff, there are some groups of staff that need focused support.  This can be part of a wider scheme to manage talent and support under-represented groups or it can be a stand alone intervention to ensure that the potential of all staff is realised for the benefit of the organisation and its customers.