Leadership Coaching

We are working with leaders who are looking to realise their full potential and be personally and professionally excellent.  Working across a number of sectors, we offer leaders the opportunity to explore their leadership achievements and challenges. We apply a range of psychological models and techniques sensitively to allow leaders to explore their strengths and areas for development.

Many of the leaders we work with are looking to stretch themselves further, maybe with promotion or lateral moves in or out their current organisation and / or sector.  We support them to understand the step up to these new roles and what these roles may demand of them.  Using a number of self assessment tools, we are able to support leaders identify the areas where they are already skilled, confident and competent and also the areas where there are benefits to focus development work on.

Other leaders are already new in role and are looking to explore how they can be most effective and make an impact. Often some external, independent coaching support in the early stages of an appointment can make a huge difference to the way a leader plans and performs in the short and longer term, as initial impressions leave a lasting legacy.