Personal Development

When we provide coaching for personal development, we find that many managers and leaders in the workplace are keen to look at themselves and to improve the way they work.  Some people are already aware of how they can improve and some are looking for the areas where they can have more of an impact.  We use a wide range of psychometric approaches to support this work and also 360 degree feedback processes.

We have worked with people who are keen to be more self aware and to develop their skills and approaches.   For example, we have worked with managers who want to be more confident and assertive, this has been a very internally focused need but one that has had a great impact on their performance and the effectiveness of their teams.  We have also worked with leaders who recognise that their role demands more high level negotiating and influencing skills as well as presentation skills.  Other leaders have successfully worked with us to develop their strategic decision making, managing creativity and innovation and people / communication skills.