Organisational Development


No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings

Peter Drucker



Most staff work in a setting where there is an organisation. And the organisation as a whole has an influence and effect on the way people work.  We see that working at the organisational level is important as the organisation holds people together and it is at this level that the purpose and direction for work is often set.

The work we carry out with organisations is varied because the organisations we work with are varied and their questions and challenges can be very different. This is a selection of some of the organisational development projects that we have undertaken.

Research and development around organisational issues that involve multiple stakeholders internally and externally.  We have worked with community partnerships at an organisational level to bring about a more shared approach to working.  This work involves research at the individual organisational level and how the organisations work collectively together. In delivering this work we have used a number of techniques to ensure that views and stories are heard that can be reflected back to decision makers.

Many organisations recognise that the cultural norms can drive the way work is carried out and the experience that staff have internally and also customers have externally.  We  have worked with several organisations to support their understanding of the current cultures that operate in their businesses. It is often only by understanding the implicit and explicit cultures that senior leaders can assess where changes need to be effected, if at all.

We have worked with cultural surveys, and also staff satisfaction surveys,to support organisations respond to the outputs.  Many organisations have said that the easy bit is the survey, the challenging bit is what to do with the results that honours the messages that are being heard.  We are able to translate the results into workable actions that value the feedback and bring about sustainable improvements.

External reviews and evaluations of new initiatives.  People often develop great ideas that are tested in organisations that are forward thinking and willing to give ideas a chance. We have a strong track record of working with such organisations at an early stage to support the development of ideas and to put in place measures to assess the value of ideas and initiatives.

It is this type review that allows organisations to have an evidence base to roll out initiatives across their own organisation.  Some reviews may indicate that changes need to be made to the idea and concept.  We work with organisations in real time to feed information to back to organisations that allows changes it be made to initiatives, so that they deliver success or so that decisions can be made at an appropriate time to close projects.

Equality and diversity issues in the workplace